Seco Tools for Businesses in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware & Nationwide

Seco toolsSeco Tools is known worldwide as a prominent manufacturer of exceptional indexible carbide cutting tools and Jabro end mills. The company is dedicated to creating high-quality tools that will not only give you the long-lasting, high-performance functionality you require, but will also help you increase productivity. If you’re looking for Seco products from a trusted supplier, look no further than Muenz-Engineered Sales Company (MESCO).

MESCO is an industrial supplies distributor offering Seco products for milling, turning, drilling, boring, and threading. Whether you need industrial tools for roughing, finishing, or holemaking, we are sure to have a Seco product that meets your specific cutting needs.

In addition to products from Seco Tools, we carry industrial supplies and machinery from a number of other well-respected manufacturers, including Niagara Cutter, Guhring, 3M, and others. Our inventory is vast, including everything from cutting fluids, adhesives, and safety equipment to machine taps, precision instruments, and abrasives. Whether you need PPE for your welding machine worker or high-speed carbide drills for your machinists, our experienced sales team can help you find the items you need. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing solutions-oriented service to all our customers, which means that we will offer time- and money-saving suggestions that can help your business as a whole.

Contact MESCO today to learn more about our selection of products from Seco Tools, or any of our other industrial supplies and equipment. We proudly serve food processing, automotive, aerospace, and other industrial businesses in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and across the country.