Industrial Tool & Supply Distributor Serving Businesses in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Nationwide

Industrial tool supply

Many industrial tool and supply companies are merely catalog houses, content to sell you a product and walk away. Muenz-Engineered Sales Company (MESCO) doesn't adhere to that business model; we believe in developing a relationship with our customers, offering problem-solving solutions and product selection assistance.

Whether your business is in the woodworking, pharmaceutical, automotive, or metalworking industry, you can count on industrial supply company MESCO to provide the supplies you need, including:

  • Industrial lubricants and coolants
  • Industrial abrasives
  • PPE equipment
  • Industrial cutting tools
  • And much more

When you choose MESCO for your industrial tool and supply needs, you'll not only have access to our expansive inventory, but you'll also benefit from our unmatched solutions-oriented customer service. Our sales team has more than 200 years of experience and we're committed to ensuring that our customers receive the products they need at competitive prices. Our goal is to help your business improve processes, enhance safety, and increase productivity while lowering costs.

We are proud to be the industrial tool and supply distributor for businesses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere throughout the country. Whether you need grinding wheel products for tool manufacturing, end mills to complete precision milling jobs, or protective wear for metalworking, contact MESCO to learn more about our full line of industrial supplies.