Industrial Adhesives for Pittsburgh Companies from MESCO

Industrial Adhesives Pittsburgh, PAIf you have a company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and industrial adhesives are essential for your operation, the last thing you want to do is purchase products that you can’t rely on. At Muenz-Engineered Sales Company (MESCO), we only offer premium adhesives from reputable manufacturers, so you can always count on receiving dependable products from us. Since 1946, companies across a wide range of industries have turned to MESCO for their industrial supply needs because we offer exceptional products at affordable prices while offering unmatched customer support services. Our inventory includes adhesives from well-known names like Loctite, 3M, and Permatex, and we have courteous sales associates who will be glad to assist you in finding the most practical and cost-effective products to meet the needs of your business.

Some of the industrial adhesives we offer to Pittsburgh area companies include:

  • Loctite Power Grab clear construction adhesives
  • 3M Scotch-Weld polyurethane reactive adhesives
  • Loctite GO2 glue
  • Permatex spray, silicone, and black rubber sealants
  • Loctite Instant Mix epoxies
  • Permatex liquid electrical tape
  • 3M VHB tapes
  • Permatex super glues and super glue gels
  • 3M dual lock reclosable fasteners
  • And many more

Adhesives represent only a portion of the industrial supplies that we distribute, though. We also offer end mills, knurling tools, industrial drills, abrasives, coolants, lubricants, safety equipment, and a wide range of other MRO supplies from renowned manufacturers like SECO Tools, Guhring, Niagara Cutter, and Data Flute CNC.

If you have questions about any of the products in our inventory, or if you would like to purchase industrial adhesives for your Pittsburgh, PA, company, contact us today.