Cutting Tools for Businesses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cutting Tools Philadelphia PAIf you need to purchase cutting tools for your business in Philadelphia, PA, and want to deal with a reliable distributor that offers high-quality products at great prices, then turn to Muenz-Engineered Sales Company (MESCO). Our goal is to help our customers improve processes and reduce costs within their operation, and we accomplish that by helping them identify the proper industrial tools for specific applications and then provide them with those tools at the lowest possible cost.

Whether you need tools at your Philadelphia business for boring, milling, drilling, threading, grooving, sawing, or another cutting process, we’re confident you can find a dependable solution from among our extensive collection of cutting tools. MESCO’s inventory is packed with industrial cutting tool options from top-rated manufacturers known for producing well-crafted equipment, including:

  • Guhring
  • SECO Tools
  • Niagara Cutter
  • RobbJack
  • And more

Additionally, we offer our own “Private Label” cutting tool line that consists of high-speed steel and solid carbide drills, counter sinks, taps, end mills, center drills, and burs. MESCO-brand cutting tools are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Immediately available in stock in both coated and uncoated variations

Furthermore, we offer a wide selection of other industrial tools and supplies, including machine tools, precision instruments, coated abrasives, adhesives, coolants, safety equipment, and janitorial supplies.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of cutting tools or any of the other industrial supplies we offer, please contact us today. MESCO proudly serves businesses in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area.